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Muletown Doodles

Our puppies are bred from our beloved personal pets in our family home in Columbia TN. Handled by our 4 children from day one, our puppies not only have all the amazing qualities of the Aussiedoodle breed, but are socialized to become the very best addition to your family!

About Our Aussiedoodle puppies...

Non-Shedding & Hypoallergenic

To date all of our adopted families have reported NO shedding, other than losing their puppy coat around 10 months. and no issues with allergies. All of our puppies get the poodle single coat and look like Dad with Mom's awesome colors.


We prioritize socializing our puppies with our 4 children and many of their friends in the neighborhood to prepare them for a loving family environment. Aussiedoodles excel as family dogs, thriving on abundant love and attention from both adults and children.

Intelligent & Friendly

Aussiedoodles are renowned for their friendly personality, making them the ideal companion for all of life's adventures. Plus, their exceptional intelligence makes them quick learners in basic obedience, house training, and even impressive tricks.

Health & DNA Testing

Our male Junior & female Liberty have both been DNA and Health tested by Embark to ensure they are free from genetic health risks and we offer a 1 year health guarantee on all puppies. See our About Us Page for more details.

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Customer Reviews

Such a great experience with Muletown doodles! The owners are so kind and care for each puppy so deeply. Amazing experience with them!! - Savannah

We had an amazing experience getting our pup! The communication was so easy and open. They are truly an amazing family that wants nothing but the best for their pups! - Shanna

He’s always happy to see his people at work and his family, but if he doesn’t know you he turns into our personal security guard. He’s the sweetest, most loving dog with the best personality. He’s so smart. I love my Harry and I can’t imagine being without him!!!! - Madison

He's legit such a good dog. We are BLOWN away. He is fully off leash at our house. We've done hiking, creeks, etc and been off Leash the entire time. He knows all of his commands, including stay when we cross the street to check the mail. We taught him the phrase "go with the baby" so when our almost 3 year old is in the yard, he knows to go with her 😂 he absolutely LOVES water. And his favorite thing are tennis balls. - Abbie